Firstly, welcome to The Self Care Club

This is your space to leave all expectations and responsibilities at the door, and instead focus deliciously just on what you need, want, dream of and desire the most.

We'll come back to everyone else later, right now, this is your space - enjoy it for as long as you need and want, whenever you need and want.

The first thing you'll want to do now you're here is to come join our Facebook community, where you can meet and connect with the other beautiful, kind, amazing and supportive women who are here with you. 

On our homepage you'll find this months Self Care Package.

You're free to explore these in you own time, however we also choose one each week to focus on together in our Facebook community, which as well as being found here, is also posted in our group each Monday for ease.

Underneath you'll find the main menu, where you'll find each of the self care practices, mindfulness exercises, meditations, journaling questions, guest trainings and self care worksheets.

So please, if you haven't already come join us in our Facebook group, and then explore your space... Wander as freely as you like, it's yours to enjoy.

Kindest, Ruth xo